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Pinnacle Online Training offers Best Price Concept


Pinnacle offers a variety of workplace health and safety courses as listed below.  Each course can be  accessed through purchase of 1 "Training Unit".  This means that if you buy 10 training units, you can  use these to access any combination of 10 courses.  Training units give you the flexibility to choose the  courses you need and for which students.

Training units Do Not Expire so there's no rush to use them up.  The Pinnacle Training Manager is a software program that allows you to distribute training units to your staff and keeps track of them for you.  If an employee leaves and did not complete a course, you can reassign the training unit to another employee for another course.

Pinnacle offers Ongoing Loyalty Price Volume Discounts.  

For example,

  1. Buy 10 training units (for 10 courses) - you get 10 unit pricing
  2. Next time, buy additional 10 training units - you get 20 unit pricing
  3. Next time, buy additional 2 training units - you get 22 unit pricing
  4. Your price is based on your Purchase History, not on what you buy at one time.
  5. The more you purchase, the less you pay per training unit.  So even if you are a small company and buy only 4 or 5 units, your price gets better as you continue to buy more training units over time.

Available Courses

You can apply your training units to a variety of engaging and interactive workplace health and safety courses, including:

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