Accessibility Integrated Standards
Level 2: AODA Training



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The AODA Integrated Standards course reviews regulations contained in the newly-released AODA Integrated Standards. Students will learn how to comply with regulations that pertain to employment practices, information & communication and transportation standards. The approximate time to complete is 30 - 60 minutes. Students must receive a minimum grade of 80% in order to successfully complete this course.


The following course is part of a group of required courses that should also be taken:

Accessibility Customer Service Standard - Level 1: AODA Training

What you will learn in this Course

  1. Understand what your organization needs to do to comply with employment standards, such as creating accessibility policies and plans, obligations during the hiring process, providing communication supports, creating job accommodation plans, individualized emergency procedures, return to work plans and performance management
  2. Understand what your organization needs to do to comply with Information & Communication standards, including identifying accessible formats, what to do if accessible information cannot be provided and things you can do to create accessible online content
  3. Understand what your organization needs to do to comply with transportation standards, including differentiating between conventional & specialized transportation providers, identifying accessibility equipment and features, appropriate fare structures, understanding the eligibility process for specialized transit, requirements for rail service providers, school transportation & taxicabs

This course requires 1.0 Training Units per Trainee.

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