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About Pinnacle Online Training

Mission Statement

Pinnacle Online Training is committed to providing high-quality online training courses, based on industry standards, to meet the demands of the private, public and non-profit sectors within Canada and the United States.

Pinnacle's History

Pinnacle Online Training is the result of a combination of over 50 years of training experience and providing personalized electronic teaching tools for the public. The Phoenix Learning Platform ™ is the latest launch. Phoenix provides a platform for training account managers to track and control their training budget and distribution throughout the organization. The training manager can manage trainees, manage departments, allocate training units, enroll trainees in courses, print certificates, and review trainee progress. Organizations can choose Pinnacle provided courses or supply their own to be placed on the Phoenix Learning Platform™.

The two founders of Pinnacle Online Training are:

Bruce Casson...Bruce was employed by Fanshawe College for over 30 years where he was responsible for information technology and computing systems. As well, Bruce taught college level credited computing courses. Since leaving Fanshawe College, Bruce operates his own business WDK Solutions where he develops computer applications and solutions for various Canadian businesses. Bruce is the developer of the Phoenix Learning Platform™ that Pinnacle Online Training uses to provide training courses over the internet or LMS. Bruce brings expert computing knowledge to Pinnacle.
Glyn Litt...Glyn was employed at Xerox Canada for almost 20 years and was responsible for national product marketing and training. As the National Marketing Manager for Pitney Bowes he created the introductory training for new employees. As co-founder of Pinnacle Online Training, Glyn provides a conduit for business to combine their training/learning needs and reduce total costs. Glyn brings the innovative/creative approach to Pinnacle Online Training.

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